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St. Paul's Lutheran Church
First Communion Ministry
First Communion Ministry
First Communion
"For I received from the Lord what I also handed on to you" - 1 Corinthians 11:23

Goal of Ministry

To Teach the story of Holy Communion, to celebrate with brothers and sisters in Christ along their faith journeys, and to Affirm the gift of the Lord’s Supper within family and community.

This instruction is for all children who are currently not fully participating in the sacrament of Holy Communion (eating bread, drinking wine). While we do not require children to be a certain age to participate in the Lord’s Supper, our experience has been that 2nd grade (or older) might be a good time to consider children for First Communion Instruction leading to full participation.

Who Can Participate?

To help you discern whether your child might be ready for full participation, we suggest that you consider these questions:

• Is your child asking about Holy Communion and/or beginning to be interested in what’s going on or why we go up front, eat a piece of bread and drink a thimble of wine?

• Is your child feeling “left-out” during communion?

If your child is raising these issues, it may be a good time to consider this invitation. We certainly do not want our children to feel “left-out” (especially at communion time) and we always want to help children answer questions they have.

For Parents

As parents, we have a responsibility to pass along the faith through teaching our children important aspects of our tradition within Christ’s church. During a child’s baptism, part of the promise we make with God before God’s people is to bring our child to hear God’s Word and share in Christ’s Holy Meal.

In order to fulfill our covenant with God, we take steps to introduce our children to full participation in Holy Communion. To this end, there is important information regarding Holy Communion that can be shared with our children. To illustrate, many of us were taught by our parents to use a fork to eat our food and to chew with our mouths closed. In a similar way, there are certain things we can teach our children about this very special meal, which is a gift from Christ.

If you believe that your child is ready at this time to fully participate in Holy Communion, you are invited to enroll in St. Paul’s First Communion Instruction program together. This program consists of three essential elements -- an orientation session, home study, and participation in First Communion Family Day. Details on the program follow.

First Communion Orientation

All parents and children are invited to attend an Orientation Day where we introduce First Communion Instruction, talk about this Holy Meal, receive study materials, and set expectations for parents and children.

First Communion Home Study

The Home Study is the heart of this instructional ministry. You, the parent will be the primary teacher for First Communion Instruction. Faith development for our children is primarily in the home, with parents setting the example and teaching the faith. But don’t worry -- we will not leave you hanging! You will be provided with all the necessary tools for teaching and passing along the faith in this particular ministry. Remember, you are your child’s guide, coach, and mentor. You are the one that your child looks to for guidance and help.

First Communion Family Day

All parents and children are invited to attend a Family Day where we will discuss the important elements of Holy Communion, taste the wine and bread, receive instructions regarding “table manners,” and view a movie together (with discussion).

Who to Contact

For questions please contact Melissa Collins (Phone: (814) 833-1761 ex. 105 / Email)