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St. Paul's Lutheran Church
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Passionate Worship Ministries

Altar & Sanctuary Care



Welcoming Threshold

Worship Leader

Worship Planning


The Holy Spirit calls and gathers us together to worship and praise God.  And through this gathering of disciples we are formed into communities, our souls are shaped, our self-interests are corrected, and we are bound to each other and to God.

If this is what the Holy Spirit does, then what is our role?

We are compelled to respond to the holy Spirit’s call to bless the Lord at all times, continually praising and boasting in him, humbly listening for his word and magnifying his name always (adapted Psalm 34:1-3).  Our souls long to be in worship and our passion burns with fire to be in the presence of God.  Week after week our sins are pardoned, our relationships are restored, and our lives are change in some way.  We offer our best to God in our worship of him as we passionately create a worship experience that is alive, fresh, engaging, inviting, authentic, and easy to understand and participate in.  Through passionate worship we discover that we are nourished, fed, renewed, and refueled for the rest of our week in ministry.

Passionate Worship Ministries:

- Creative Worship Planning Ministry

- Cutting-Edge Technology Ministry

- Dynamic Music Ministry

- Exceptional Worship Leader Ministry

- Heart-Filled Altar and Sanctuary Care Ministry

- Welcoming Threshold Ministry




Transformed Lives through Passionate Worship Ministries will:

- Experience the presence of God

- Be bound to God and the community

- Live everday soaked in God's grace and mercy

- Be stirred, strengthened and challenged to encounter the world, armed with the Gospels of Jesus