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St. Paul's Lutheran Church
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Radical Hospitality Ministries

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As part of a Christian community, we are to love our neighbor as ourselves and extravagantly welcome the stranger into our midst.  This is a concrete expression of our commitment to grow in Christ-likeness, who emptied himself, taking on the form of a slave, who humbled himself and was obedient to the point of death (adapted Philippians 2:7-8).

But how do we become radical in our hospitality?

We are compelled to respond to the Holy Spirit’s call to strive without ceasing to exceed the expectations to accommodate and include others.  We care about each person and want the best for everyone.  We highly regard “belonging” as the priority goal for welcoming people into our community.  But it doesn’t stop there – we soon discover that through extravagant hospitality, we are extending the welcome of Jesus Christ into his body of believers and therefore, we walk with the stranger, just like Christ walks with us, to integrate them into the community.

Radical Hospitality Ministries:

- Marketing & Visibility Ministry

- Invitation Ministry

- Welcoming Ministry

- Keep-In-Touch Ministry

- Orientation Ministry

- Integration Ministry

- Mentoring Ministry

Transformed Lives through Hospitality Ministries will:

- Always look through the eyes of others

- Be ready to serve at anytime in anyplace

- Anticipate the needs of others

- Surpass expectations

- Put the needs of others as priority to anything else

- See the world as inclusive rather than exclusive